Connect | Create | Learn - A new way to think about learning at the Inquiry Hub.

The Coquitlam Open Learning (COL)  Inquiry Hub is a full-time grade 9-12 program which brings students together in a technology-facilitated environment and encourages them to explore their own questions from key themes:

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 Community and global issues
 Environmental sustainability
 Media Art, design and technology

The Inquiry Hub offers the following benefits for students:
 Instruction which blends classroom and online experiences in a hybrid model
 A student-driven inquiry approach to learning
 Significant reduction of structured classes with emphasis on a learning commons where students do daily group project work and individual, computer-based learning
 Class environments which group students around interests and project focus rather than grade levels
 Parents and community as active learning partners
 Extensive use of peer mentorship in cross-grade projects
 Core, inquiry-based program offerings which are extended through our extensive list of online courses