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At the Inquiry Hub we use The Points of Inquiry model by the BC Teacher Librarian Association to help students delve into topics of their own interest. This model is flexible in that it does not prescribe a process, but rather it allows students to have a common language around how they make connections, investigate, design and construct, present and express, and reflect on their learning.



While we use this model as a frame, the Inquiry Hub brings students together in a technology-facilitated environment and encourages them to explore questions from 4 key nodes (or lenses): Identity (Self and Social Awareness), Stewardship, Communication, and Design.

4 Nodes at iHubThis model is used in developing cross-curricular themes and projects, that teachers work together on, in order to provide students with engaging topics to explore. In doing so, students have an opportunity to tie in their own interests, and share their unique perspectives in ways that help other students make new connections and develop new understanding about the topics.