iHub Calendar

Updated 2019-09-06

2019-09-03 (Tue): School opens

2019-09-16 (Mon): First Pac Meeting (6pm)

2019-09-20 (Fri): Non-Instructional Day (Common District Day)

2019-10-14 (Mon): Thanksgiving Day

2019-10-25 (Fri): Non-Instructional Day (Provincial Day)

2019-11-11 (Mon): Remembrance Day

2019-12-20 (Fri): Schools close for Winter Vacation ❄️

Winter Vacation: 2019-12-23 – 2020-01-03

2020-01-06 (Mon): Schools reopen after Winter Vacation

2020-01-27 (Mon): Non-Instructional Day (School-based)

2020-02-14 (Fri): School not in session

2020-02-17 (Mon): BC Family Day

2020-02-28 (Fri): Non-Instructional Day (Common District Day)

2020-03-13 (Fri): Schools close for Spring Vacation

Spring Vacation: 2020-03-16 – 2020-03-27

2020-03-30 (Mon): Schools open after Spring Vacation

2020-04-10 (Fri): Good Friday

2020-04-13 (Mon): Easter Monday

2020-04-17 (Fri): Non-Instructional Day (Common District Day)

2020-05-15 (Mon): Non-Instructional Day (School Based)

2020-05-18 (Mon): Victoria Day

2020-06-18 (Thu): Last Day of Scheduled Classes

2020-06-25 (Thu): Last Day of School (and Report Card Pick-up)

2020-06-26 (Fri): Administrative Day


Reporting an Absence:

Email: ihubattendance@sd43.bc.ca

Also by phone: 604-936-4285

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