Now accepting applications for September 2024. You can learn more about our school and the kind of students that do well here on our ‘School‘ page. After filling out the application below, a more detailed questionnaire and a family interview will follow, to help us discover if this program is a good fit for the student applicant.

More information: (This section is occasionally updated.)

  • Interviews will not start until late November, but you can apply below now.
  • Be sure to join us for Open House 2023 on Thursday, December 7th, at 7pm.
    (If you apply below you will get an invite.)
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(ie. Special ed category, prefer to learn in a certain way)
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3 - Somewhat self-motivated.
5 - A self-starter who is always motivated to learn.
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(Think, "If I could pick one topic that I'd love to learn about in-depth, what would it be?" )
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Thank you for applying to Inquiry Hub for September 2024.

What happens next? Mr. Truss will send you an email in 1-3 days and start the process.

The process includes:

1. A detailed questionnaire for students.
2. An interview with both the student and parents
3. A questionnaire for current teachers.

We prioritize all applications submitted before January 12th, 2024. We will accept applications after this date only if there are still spaces available.