The School

Inquiry Hub is an innovative secondary school located in Coquitlam, School District 43, where students pursue their own personal interests and dreams. About half of students’ time is scheduled with standard classes with a focus on project-based learning, while the remaining time is left unscheduled.

Students use their unstructured time to work on coursework, Inquiry projects, and things that interest them. We focus on learning through the internet, on student presentation and communication, and on cross-grade and cross-curricular learning.

Inquiry Hub is for…

Students who share a passion for learning and investigation and who want to use technology to learn. Inquiry Hub is for students who are seeking a smaller, cooperative learning environment where they can focus on their interests individually and in small teams – those who:

  • are motivated learners with self-regulation skills
  • can work independently during unstructured class time
  • want a chance to apply their learning in a practical way
  • are interested in research and learning with technology
  • desire to work on projects which make a difference

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What is Inquiry Hub?

Inquiry Hub is a full-time secondary school for grades nine to twelve, which brings students together in a technology-facilitated environment and encourages them to explore their own questions and ideas.

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Students graduate from iHub with a full Dogwood Diploma in addition to learning in an inquiry-based environment and doing Independent Directed Studies.

Dream Create Learn

Inquiry Hub’s student-designed Dream Create Learn murals

Approximately half of students’ time is spent in classes, such as History, Philosophy, English, various sciences, Physical Education, and Foods. The remaining time is called DCL, or Dream Create Learn, so named for the student-created murals above the school gardens. This time is used by students to work on coursework (such as projects for Humanities), write tests, pursue their passions through Inquiry projects or IDS’, or do something else that interests them, such as bake, write or experiment.


At iHub, students are encouraged to learn through and with technology; every student must have a laptop, and much of each course is Internet-dependent. Students have access to a wide range of audio and video equipment, 3D printers, laser-cutters, and robots; in fact, in most cases, these technologies are managed and taken care of by the students.

3D Printed Items

Some items 3D printed by students

What are Inquiries?


What Students Do

Besides coursework (though often including it), Inquiry Hub students work on some pretty amazing things.

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