Open Campus, No More: On-Site Meals Announced for iHub Students and Staff [April Fools]

Mar 31, 2018

Everyone knows food is an important aspect of learning, but, because of our small size, we’ve never been able to offer on-site meals. Instead, we’ve had an open campus so that students and staff could purchase their lunches from local eateries and grocery stores.

With our size growing next year, it’s time for that to change.

Starting this Tuesday, 3 April, iHub will be serviced by a dedicated, on-site chef in a brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen. The new chef will prepare two, highly nutritious meals each day — breakfast and lunch — available for free for students, staff, and visitors.


Nick Thornton, Inquiry Hub's new chef, preparing sushi

Nick Thornton, Inquiry Hub’s new on-site chef


The right chef for the job

“Nick Thornton is the perfect fit for Inquiry Hub,” said Principal of Millside (including Inquiry Hub, Suwa’lkh, and Coquitlam Open Learning), David Truss. “He’s worked for Trooper, he’s worked for Rush… He’s basically worked for everyone, and they all say he’s the best. And his food is delicious.”

Mr. Thornton will be in charge of creating varied, healthy, and nutritious meal plans for iHub students, twice every school day. “It’ll certainly be a challenge,” said Mr. Thornton, “but it’s nothing I can’t take. I spent five years trying to get Gogo to try some sushi… Cooking for kids who’ll just eat it and keep asking for more’ll be easy!”


An opportunity for students

Several of Inquiry Hub’s past graduates have gone on to the culinary arts, and the interest is alive and well among current students as well. With the return of our well-received foods electives next year, students will, for the first time, be given the chance to cook alongside one of the finest chefs in Vancouver, right in the school’s own kitchen. While learning from the best, they’ll be cooking meals for their fellow students and learning to appreciate the smiles only a well-prepared meal can put on the faces of their peers.


Questions & Answers


Will meals be free?



Will students still be allowed to bring their own lunch?

Yes, but they will no longer be allowed to eat it in class. The mess is just too great.


Will students still be able to use the student lounge?

No, that’s been renovated into a state-of-the-art kitchen. Anyways, the hallway is still the perfect place for hanging out and avoiding work.


Will vegan, vegetarian, milk-free, and gluten free options be provided?

Of course. Students and parents are encouraged to email if they have any dietary restrictions, or talk with Mr. Thornton in person.


When will meals be served?

Breakfast will start at 8:00am, and will run through 9:15. Lunch will be first served at 11:20, and be wrapped up at 12:45.


What’s on the menu?

Note: Meals will be planned approximately two to three days in advance, and will be posted here.

Tuesday, 3 April

Breakfast: Thick, eggy crêpes; Belgian waffles; bacon and sausages; hash-browns; and hand-squeezed orange juice.

Lunch: Hand-tossed, brick-fire-stove-cooked Italian pizza (pepperoni, vegetarian, and beef blue cheese).

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