Miró’s Retro Futurism

This artwork is part of my grade 12 IDS (Independent Directed Studies), and a lot of it will be included in my book of short stories that I plan to print by the end of this year. The art style is called retro futurism. This name came from the fact that a lot of the artwork shares traits with depictions of the future from the 1950s. When I create the artwork I am using a collage of photos to create unique visual effects. (All photos I use are not copyrighted.) I use Adobe Photoshop to create all the artwork. Each piece takes about 4-5 hours, depending on the technical challenges of merging photos together. For example in some cases I have to create fake shadows so that the different photos feel more coherent, this process can take longer. ~ Miró Esteban

The Road Home

Blast Off

Boxed Water

Dive and Let Go

Must Reach Higher

November 4, 2020
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