iHub Open 2020

Tuesday, December 1 at 7:00pm
Goes until 8:30pm

When students move on from middle school to the next leg of their education journey, many assume the local catchment school is their best option. Is this an informed decision? For those who want to learn differently, there is another possibility. For those who want to challenge themselves to Dream, Create, and Learn,” Inquiry Hub Secondary School presents a wonderful reason to choose a different school and a unique opportunity for a transformative educational experience. Don’t let your address make the decision. Follow your passion. Choose your school. Go beyond. 

It’s time to be open with you. 

Inquiry Hub (iHub) isn’t everything. It can’t be for everyone. But if it is for you, it will be the best decision you have ever made. 

Here at iHubwe help students thrive and take the lead in their education. Students are like those in any other public high school except that they dream bigger, have more passion, and they go beyond. iHub could be your public high school 

Having students lead the school is one of Inquiry Hub’s core elements. So, for our digital iHub Open, you will not be getting just the perspective of the principal and the teachers, but also the studentsThey will be discussing the school, their peers, and their passions because it is their school. 

Most importantly, you’ll see the truth. You’ll see student creations, student dreams, and the reality of learning as it happens at Inquiry Hub.  

Reserve your spot now, and we’ll send you a link to this live event closer to the date: Tuesday December 1st, at 7pm. 

Inquiry Hub is for…

Students who share a passion for knowing and investigation and want to use technology to learn. Inquiry Hub is for students who are seeking a smaller, cooperative learning environment where they can focus on their interests individually and in small teams – those who:

  • are motivated learners with self-regulation skills
  • can work independently during unstructured class time
  • want a chance to apply their learning in a practical way
  • are interested in research and learning with technology
  • desire to work on projects which make a difference

See some of our student projects here. Start your application process here.

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