Roadshow Comes Home

Most heroes turn down their first chance.

Take a second one,
Thursday, 17 January at 7:00pm
Goes until 9:00pm

Roadshow Comes Home is your last chance to see iHub's student-made middle school tour.

Inquiry Hub is an innovative public secondary school in Coquitlam where self-directed students pursue their personal interests and dreams.

Having students lead the school is one of Inquiry Hub’s core concepts. So at iHub Roadshow, you don’t see the principal and the teachers speaking for endless hours about learning outcomes and GPAs (although you might hear about the success of our grads) — Instead you see what you need to see: Students presenting about the school, their peers, and their passions.

It doesn’t matter if you actually come to iHub in the end. What matters is that you have an evening to dream, create, and learn.

The night will be comprised of an encore performance of the wildly popular student-created show, iHub Roadshow, followed by an extended Q&A period, and a chance to walk around and explore what students are passionate about and why they attend iHub. You'll have a chance to speak with both students and staff and learn what iHub is, and who it's for.

Location: Inquiry Hub (Millside Centre) — 1432 Brunette Ave, Coquitlam

Time: 7:00pm — doors at 6:30


Can’t make the event or just want to learn more now? Find out about the school, the students, and who Inquiry Hub is for.

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