Ben’s 3D Art

Since grade 9, I have been working on improving my skills in the area of 3D art. I am now in grade 12 and my skills have drastically improved. Most students in the school try out various different subject areas for their Inquiries and Independent Directed Studies, but I was fortunate to stumble upon something I enjoyed immediately. Since grade 9, the majority of my projects have revolved around 3D art to one degree or another.

Before I discovered 3D art, I had not been particularly good at art in general. Most of my attempts at art were by hand, which I found challenging. However, I eventually started on digital art, mostly editing pictures that already existed. When I found out about 3D art, I thought “Why not give it a shot?” This proved to be an incredibly good decision. The way that 3D art melded so well with math (which I was much better at than art) gave me a new way of looking at how art is created. I started out small and eventually worked my way up to more impressive projects which I am very proud of. None of this could have possible without the opportunities given to me by iHub. I am very fortunate to be in this school where I can work on what I enjoy and turn it into something better.