Creating an Animatic, by Agata

Around at the beginning of my last year of middle school, I started showing an interest in digital art. Since then, I’ve been practicing almost every day. Most of my inquiries are centered around art, and this one was no different. For my second inquiry of grade 9, I decided I wanted to make my first animatic as a test of my abilities. I had always wanted to try making one, but until I came to Inquiry Hub I hadn’t been confident enough in my abilities to go through with it. This animatic is set to the song Wagon on Fire from the musical The Trail to Oregon.
After nearly 2 months and 520 frames painstakingly done in animation program I ultimately regretted using, I finished. And frankly, I’m proud of my finished product. I’m really glad I got this done, and as of writing this, it has 8K views! Even if it hadn’t gotten popular, I would be really happy with finishing my first animatic. It turned out really well. I wouldn’t have had the chance to do this in the first place had I not gone to Inquiry Hub. ~ Agata Kyrlov