Dancing in Circles, by Senn

A musical by Senn Gelinas

I have been composing an original musical for my last three years at Inquiry Hub. I don’t exactly know why I decided to take on such a large project, but the minute I thought of creating a show from scratch, I immediately knew I had to try. Starting in Grade 10, I created the story, composed thirteen of the fifteen planned songs, and have written the script. Although I have yet to finish, I am proud to say that the dedication, painstaking hours of creation and revision, and months of perseverance in the face of self-doubt have paid off – not only is it seen in my growth of technical musical skills, but my growth of character and strength in the face of adversity.

This song was the first I wrote during the first year of my project journey. Despite the variety of new songs I have composed in recent years for the musical and/or for myself, this song is still one of my favourites. It is simple, honest, and communicates the struggle of understanding your own worth.

Update: June 2023 – Senn is the 2023 Charter Women’s Award winner. (See the link for a write-up about her experience at Inquiry Hub.)

November 2, 2020