Live Action Role-Playing

A Live Action Roleplay, often shortened to LARP, is, in a way, like a tabletop RPG, except where you play a character in the real world. It’s sort of like a play where each person does not have a script, but instead reacts as their character to what happens in the story, driving the plot itself.

In the fourth year of Inquiry Hub, a dedicated team of students worked with Mr. Sarte to develop a LARP to be played at the school. Several months of planning boiled down to one day of a fantasy quest: the students of the school were stranded on an island with no memory of how they got there, nor how long they’d been.

LARP Mage Script

The players’ only link to their past: a collection of documents written in a student-created Mage script

The first LARP helped to bring together the community across grade levels as the students fought to leave the island. Players were forced to piece their past back together while the LARP team, acting as Non-Player Characters both helped and hindered their growing enlightenment.

Liam in LARP One

Liam portraying Wesley, a troubled villain in the LARP


William in LARP One

William portraying Edric, the sometimes hero of the first LARP

After the success of the first LARP in 2016, the team began work on three more LARPs for the next school year.

The first was a murder mystery game, run several times in one day, where players were given a slip of paper beforehand identifying what sort of character attributes the player would have. In a way, it was sort of like a game of Mafia or Werewolf, but live-action and with more role-playing.

The second was a medieval tournament, planned in an incredibly short week-and-a-half. Turning an outside hockey court at the school into a sort of gladiator-pit, the LARP team set up an old-style festival complete with sword-fighting, archery, board games, visiting kingdoms and music.

King Liam at LARP Three

King Liam, played by the ever versatile Liam


The Pit During LARP Three

The Pit

LARP 3: Cloud 7

In “the first quarter of 2017”, the LARP team staged their third LARP. Here’s the trailer: