Maiya and Sara’s Synchronized Swimming Routine

We chose to do our 50-hour project in Grade 10 with each other. We had the idea to choreograph and swim a synchronized (artistic) swimming duet, which is a sport we both have experience with. This inquiry was a very successful one of ours, and we are both quite proud of it. We made a clear and defined goal, we put together a week by week plan so that we could stay on task, and were able to stay passionate about the project the whole time (which is an important thing when it comes to Inquiry projects).

We had a variety of challenges along the way, including not finding space to swim, trouble practicing because it’s loud and disruptive sometimes, coming up with choreography at points, and disagreements in movements. We came up with a theme, then choreographed, went to various pools to practice, used our coaches for expertise, and then eventually were able to use pool space from my swim club (Aquasonics) and film our routine! We were even able to borrow matching swim suits for it. From this inquiry we learned that we can do anything we set our minds to, and can overcome any obstacles we may face. This was definitely one of our favorite projects ever, and it was such a valuable experience for both of us.


Maiya (left) and Sara (right) practicing their routine on land


Sara and Maiya underwater


Maiya practicing her routine underwater