Rachel’s Stationery Business

For my Independent Directed Study (IDS), I decided to create a small stationery business. I have always loved art but I didn’t have much time to focus on it outside of school due to extracurriculars and homework, so I decided to incorporate it into an Inquiry.

I decided to focus on making stickers and notepads. To do so, I needed to learn how to design and produce them, using a mix of digital art and hands-on crafts. I learned how to design a website (www.doodleraydesigns.com) that included online sales functionality to sell my products, and I manage a social media account to market my products (@doodleraydesigns).

As a Grade 11 student, I have started looking into what I want to do post-secondary, and exploring entrepreneurship has made me realize that I might be interested in pursuing the business field after high school. This project has taught me a lot and I look forward to continue improving my art and business skills!


Rachel selling her sticker’s and children’s book at a local author’s event


Some of the stickers Rachel created


Some of the notepads Rachel created

Rachel marketing her products at a book fair