iHub Annual 2017
Medieval Tournament LARP
Photo by Alin, an iHub student
iHub Annual 2017

Inquiry Hub is a small, award-winning, public secondary school in Coquitlam.

We're the Dream Create Learn school.

Inquiry Hub is an innovative public secondary school in Coquitlam where self-directed students pursue their personal interests and dreams.

About half of students' time is scheduled with standard classes, while the remainder is left unstructured, so that students can do coursework and have help pursuing what interests them.

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Who Inquiry Hub is for

Inquiry Hub is for the sort of student who is motivated to learn, to discover their world and shape their place within it. The sort of student who wants to apply what they’ve learned to make their mark on the community, be it local or global. The sort of student who can structure their own time and set their own goals for learning. The sort of student who would want to work on things like these.

iHub is a school you choose to go to because you're passionate about what you want to do. We're looking for the sort of student who would attend iHub despite whatever obstacles are in their way.

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Four Key Aspects

Dream, Create, Learn

When iHub first started out, the slogan created by the staff was Connect Create Learn. However, students soon overruled this, and put up school murals with the slogan as Dream Create Learn. This has since become the name of iHub's most famous aspect: The 50% time each student has to structure themselves.

Inquiries, IDS, and project-based learning

Each student is expected to work on a variety of personal passion projects called inquiries throughout their years at iHub. In standard courses as well, a focus is placed on project-based learning, where a student, or a team of students, research aspects of the material, then form some sort of assignment around it, finally delivering the end-product in a presentation.

iHub is small

With under 80 students, iHub is small enough that every student knows every other. Students often work across grades, and interests, rather than age, and will often collaborate on projects. They can also go to their peers for help and expertise, and have more time to get to know their teachers and personalise their learning.

iHub is student-led

The most important aspect of iHub is the amount of control over and say in the school that students are given. Over the years at iHub, students have applied for grants, started the tradition of LARPs, built a garden, began a speaker series, run countless open houses, re-built the brand and website of the school (including writing these aspects), and far, far more.

Inquiry Hub is its students.

Miró's Retro Futurism

A student project

Geo Programs Games and Music

A student project

Creating an Animatic, by Agata

Around at the beginning of my last year of middle school, I started showing an interest in digital art. Since then, I’ve been practicing almost every day. Most of my inquiries are centered around art, and this one was no different. For my second inquiry of grade 9, I decided I wanted to make my […]

Dana's First Inquiry

For my first ever inquiry I decided to sew a skirt. I chose this particular project for a number of reasons, such as the fact that I had never tried sewing before and it seemed like something I would be interested in. So, I decided to take this opportunity to try out something new, and […]

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