The Students

At Inquiry Hub, it really is the students who define the school, and not just in organising events like iHub Open and iHub Annual. Almost everything that represents the school was created by students, including the garden, the logo, and even this website. What the students achieve is constantly inspiring everyone, from the teachers, to the District, to the province.

Here is a selection (and mind you, a very incomplete and constantly changing selection) of projects that have been student-dreamed, student-created, and student-driven.

Cali & Ko.

A webcomic with a focus on representing diversity, created as an IDS.

Live Action Role-Playing

Live Action Role-Playing, a now integral student-directed part of the Inquiry Hub life.

In Conversation with Bailey

Bailey, Grade 11, shares what it’s like to be an Inquiry Hub student and get opportunities to explore a variety of different interests and passions. “As you do art, you realize how much the process applies to everything else in your life.”


The app, originally designed for school attendance, and now used on construction sites.

Dana’s First Inquiry

For my first ever inquiry I decided to sew a skirt. I chose this particular project for a number of reasons, such as the fact that I had never tried sewing before and it seemed like something I would be interested in. So, I decided to take this opportunity to try out something new, and […]

The Garden

The first student project, and the one that has defined the school for the last five years, Inquiry Hub's student-built community garden.

Dancing in Circles, by Senn

A musical by Senn Gelinas I have been composing an original musical for my last three years at Inquiry Hub. I don’t exactly know why I decided to take on such a large project, but the minute I thought of creating a show from scratch, I immediately knew I had to try. Starting in Grade […]

The iHub Logo

How Inquiry Hub's wifi-leaf logo came to be.

Geo Programs Games and Music

Geo Lee · Singularity Geo Lee on SoundCloud For my first two inquiries at iHub, I created a Tetris game, and made an AI for the game Connect 4. I had already learned how to program simple board games before coming to iHub, so I took my first Inquiry as an opportunity to take it […]

Ben’s 3D Art

Since grade 9, I have been working on improving my skills in the area of 3D art. I am now in grade 12 and my skills have drastically improved. Most students in the school try out various different subject areas for their Inquiries and Independent Directed Studies, but I was fortunate to stumble upon something […]

iHub Here — Attendance By Students

iHub Here is Inquiry Hub's way of doing attendance... and it's student-created!

Thia on Inquiry Projects, “It’s all about the process.”

Art, fly fishing lure design, a food blog, jewelry design and starting a small business, and medical suturing. Thia uses her DCL – Dream :: Create :: Learn – time at Inquiry Hub to go through a deep learning process in areas of her own personal interest. “Inquiry projects aren’t about always being successful. It’s […]

What This Next Year Brings – A Letter from Andrew

I was six and a half when I finally had a place to call home.

Fighting Tooth Decay

Cavities effect most of us sometime in our lives. iHub's mad scientist set out to change that.

Creating an Animatic, by Agata

Around at the beginning of my last year of middle school, I started showing an interest in digital art. Since then, I’ve been practicing almost every day. Most of my inquiries are centered around art, and this one was no different. For my second inquiry of grade 9, I decided I wanted to make my […]

Miró’s Retro Futurism

This artwork is part of my grade 12 IDS (Independent Directed Studies), and a lot of it will be included in my book of short stories that I plan to print by the end of this year. The art style is called retro futurism. This name came from the fact that a lot of the […]